June 13, 2021

Beauty Is As Beauty Does

2nd episode of the second season of Gilligan’s Island
List of Gilligan’s Island episodes

Beauty Is As Beauty Does is the second episode of the second season of the 1960s TV series Gilligan’s Island. It originally aired on CBS on September 23, 1965.


Over dinner, the castaways are arguing over which of the castaway women is the most beautiful. To determine this, they decide to hold a beauty pageant. The Skipper backs Ginger, the Professor backs Mary Ann, and Mr. Howell backs Mrs. Howell, leaving Gilligan as the deciding vote. Each man tries to influence Gilligan’s vote, with no success. During the contest, each man tries to sabotage the other women’s chances. Finally, Gilligan announces that the winner is an ape who lives on the island. His rationale is that one must be a native islander to participate, and the women are all foreign-born.


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Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beauty_Is_As_Beauty_Does

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