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Gangnam Beauty

Gangnam Beauty[2] (Hangul: 내 아이디는 강남미인; RR: Nae Aidineun Gangnammiin; lit. My ID is Gangnam Beauty) is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Im Soo-hyang, Cha Eun-woo, Jo Woo-ri and Kwak Dong-yeon. The series is based on the webtoon of the same name published in 2016 by Naver Webtoon.[3][4] It premiered on JTBC on July 27, 2018 and aired every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 (KST).[5][6][7][8]


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How far do looks and good visuals take you in society? “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” explores this intricate and complex question through the use of plastic surgery and visualizes the changes that comes with going under the knife.
The story starts off with Kang Mi-rae (Lim Soo Hyang) bidding goodbye to what she thought was the reason for all her sufferings – her ugly face. She gets plastic surgery done. However, at university, she is being teased as the “Gangnam plastic surgery monster.” The drama follows her story of recovering self-esteem as she gets to know Do Kyung-seok. As Do Kyung-seok helps Kang Mi Rae slowly gain confidence, she learns what true beauty really is.



  • Im Soo-hyang as Kang Mi-rae[9][10]

A timid and insecure girl who has low self-esteem due to her “ugly” appearance. She desires to live a “normal” life and does not like standing out. She had been bullied throughtout her middle school and high school, and receives cosmetic surgery prior to starting college. She aspires to be a perfumer.

  • Cha Eun-woo as Do Kyung-seok[11][12]
    • Shin Jun-seop as young Do Kyung-seok[13]

A handsome college student who possesses both intelligence and wealth, but secretly harbors emotional scars from his unhappy home environment. He does not care about what others think, thus appearing cold and distant. However, he does have a caring side.

  • Jo Woo-ri as Hyun Soo-a[14]

The most popular girl in the chemistry department due to her beautiful appearance. She appears innocent but her actions prove otherwise.

  • Kwak Dong-yeon as Yeon Woo-young[15]

A chemistry graduate student and teaching assistant. He falls for Kang Mi-rae for her looks but grows to love her personality.


People around Kang Mi-rae[edit]

  • Woo Hyun as Kang Tae-sik[16]

Kang Mi-rae’s father as well as taxi-driver. He is initially against Mi-rae’s surgery, but later learns to accept all forms of her.

  • Kim Sun-hwa as Na Eun-sim[16]

Kang Mi-rae’s mother. An insurance planner. She assists Mi-rae in receiving cosmetic surgery without the knowledge of her father.

  • Min Do-hee as Oh Hyun-jung[17]

Childhood friend of Kang Mi-rae who dreams of being a hip hop musician. A first year psychology student. She has a crush on Yeon Woo-young.

  • Ha Kyung as Yong Chul

Mi-rae’s middle school crush who brutally rejected her, mostly due to her physical appearance.
People around Do Kyung-seok[edit]

  • Park Joo-mi as Na Hye-sung[16]

Do Kyung-seok’s mother and CEO of a cosmetics company. She is passionate about her work and is often quite busy. Due to a divorce, she has been separated from her children for years, however, Kang Mi-Rae gives her a chance to meet her son.

  • Park Sung-geun as Do Sang-won[16]

Do Kyung-seok’s father as well as a congressman running for mayor. A self-centered and career-oriented man.

  • Kim Ji-min as Do Kyung-hee[18]

Do Kyung-seok’s sister. An internet broadcasting jockey.

  • Lee Tae-sun as Woo-jin[19]

Do Kyung-seok’s childhood friend. He opens a beer shop early in the series, but is forced to sell it due to bankruptcy. He later works at the bar, but no longer has ownership.

  • Jung Myung-hoon as Young-mo

Chief of the National Assembly.
Chemistry students[edit]

  • Park Yoo-na as Yoo Eun[20]

A first-year student as well as the freshman representative. Her chic and personality makes her popular among the students. She lives in Soo-a’s neighborhood and becomes curious about her whereabouts. She has an innate sense of fairness and takes no sides in any conflict.

  • Jung Seung-hye as Choi Jung-boon

A first-year student. A cheerful girl from the countryside with a strong accent. She has a crush on Woo-jin.

  • Jung Hye-rin as Lee Ji-hyo[21]

A first-year student and close friends with Soo-a. She is self-conscious about her physical appearance and what people think of her.

  • Kim Do-yeon as Jung Won-ho[22]

A first-year student. He has a crush on Hyun Soo-ah.

  • Kim Eun-soo as Kim Sung-woon[23]

A first-year student. Jung Won-ho’s best friend and “love advisor.”

  • Oh Hee-joon as Kim Chan-woo[24]

A first year-student is in his third year of repeat studies. He is known as “Master Dog” due to his crude personality. He bullies Kang Mi-rae after she rejected his confession, and later develops a crush on Hyun Soo-ah.

  • Ryu Ki-san as Goo Tae-young[25]

A second-year student. President of the student council, who has an indecisive personality. He first dates Kim Tae-hee.

  • Kim Il-rin as Yeo-woo[26]

A second-year student. A superficial person who only cares about physical appearances.

  • Bae Da-bin as Kwon Yoon-byul[27]

A second-year student. Vice president of the student council, who is decisive and responsible, with an honest, brave and blunt personality. Because of her boyish looks, she is popular among women. She later develops a crush on Yeon Woo-young, but is rejected.

  • Lee Ye-rim as Kim Tae-hee[28]

A second-year student. Secretary of the student council. She feels lonely and stressed due to her plump body. She likes Goo Tae-young.

  • Baek Soo-min as Go Ye-na

A second year-student. A student council member in charge of student affairs. She used to be the most popular girl of the Chemistry department till Hyun Soo-ah came along. She has a crush on Do Kyung-seok, but later develops feelings for Song Jung-ho.

  • Choi Sung-won as Song Jung-ho[29]

A second-year student. A mood maker. He has a crush on Go Ye-na since the first year.

  • Ham Sung-min as Chung Dong-woon

A first-year student. He is a motae solo and otaku with a huge presence on the Internet community. He is deluded that Hyun Soo-ah likes him.

  • Sun-mi as Kim Min-ha

A second-year student. She has a great relationship with the juniors.

  • Seo Ji-hye as Min-a

A second-year student. She likes to gossip.

  • Ji Sang-hyuk as Lee Soo-hyun[30]

Business director of the cosmetics company operated by Nae-seong.

Special appearance[edit]

  • Lee Young-ae[31]
  • Bora
  • Tiger JK
  • Junoflo
  • Bizzy


  • The series is written by Choi Soo-young (Cunning Single Lady, 2014).
  • The first script reading took place on May 30, 2018 at JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea.[32]


The series garnered much praise for its cryptic portrayal of the main character’s childhood. Viewers applauded director Choi for his thoughtful representation of the characters.[33]

The series was a commercial success and garnered critical praise for asking questions about the emphasis that society places on appearances and about the true meaning of happiness and beauty.[34]

The cast and staff of the drama are scheduled to go on a reward vacation to Cebu, Philippines for 4 nights and 5 days departing on October 19, 2018.[35]

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In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).

Awards and nominations[edit]


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  • Notes[edit]

  • ^ Credited as a song by Weki Meki, sung by members Ji Su-yeon and Elly
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    • Official website (in Korean)
    • Gangnam Beauty at Daum (in Korean)
    • Gangnam Beauty on IMDb
    • Gangnam Beauty at HanCinema

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gangnam_Beauty

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