June 21, 2021

Melbourne shopping tryon haul II beauty bugs Tv II

Hi guys
hope you all enjoyed the video today
please email your concerns to my email id or social media
email : beautybugstv@gmail.com
facebook: Beauty bugs tv
Instgram : Beauty Bugs tv

By sending me emails you agree to share the issues on my channel but i promise that the identity will be confidential that your name place and details wont be shared with anoone

love you all

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This series of videos are where my viewers write letters to me sharing their personal problems, and I respond to them without compromising there identity as a video every Saturday and Sundays .

My qualification is diploma in community welfare work.but here am more as a friend than a professional.

My beliefs and opinion on the issues people may be different from you so am more than happy for you to share your opinion in the comment box below as well.

Please note that me, and none of the individuals commenting below shall be held responsible for any actions taken, basis our suggestions or otherwise. Please use your own judgement before proceeding.

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