June 20, 2021

Toph Beifong: Beauty in Simplicity | Avatar the Last Airbender

Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the greatest cartoons of all time. Following the cast of Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, and Toph, the show presents mature themes and emotionally evoking writing. On top of that, the world of bending gives a rich sense of unique fantasy unable to be found outside of the Avatar universe.
Hoodie has analyzed the arcs of nearly all major characters from Avatar the Last Airbender, including Zuko, Sokka, Katara, and even Azula. But one character has remain untouched. Toph Beifong: The Blind Bandit. Toph is a character with little to no character arc, yet remains as one of the fan favorites of the entire show. Here to explain the beauty in Toph’s character is Hoodie.

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