June 21, 2021


This is not a tea video but due to popular demand, we wanted to introduce Sinensis Skincare to all of your tea lovers and give you a special hidden link to purchase Sinensis Skincare at Mei Leaf.

Please go to https://meileaf.com/c/sinensis to browse through our skincare selection. Don’t forget to enter the code CAMELLIA for 20% off your first order of Sinensis Skincare.

Alternatively, you can read even more information about Sinensis Skincare at: https://sinensis-skin.com

Sinensis skincare has come from many years of clinical experience of our Chinese Medical clinic and contains a wealth of Chinese Herbs and other botanicals for the skin. We combine this herbal skincare wisdom with the latest in proven skincare compounds to make an Integrative Skincare solution.

Our products do not contain any of the Banned 20 ingredients that we believe should not be in your skincare products. Check out https://sinensis-skin.com/the-banned-20/ to take the skincare challenge by checking if any of these chemicals are in your products.

You will be surprised at how many so-called natural skincare products have these potentially toxic chemicals!


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