June 19, 2021

Fashion And Beauty Tips Your Grandma Followed

Fashion and beauty have come a long way in the past century. Some of the stuff didn’t stick around too long and some of it still rings true. Here’s some of the fashion and beauty tips and hacks that someone like your grandmother might have followed or taught you.

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7. Use That Petroleum Jelly
Another way to avoid paying the huge price for expensive beauty care products is to just use some petroleum jelly. Vaseline as a product has been around since 1872. To cure chapped lips and cracked heels, throw a slab of Vaseline on it and watch it go away overnight. Similar products like Aquaphor get the job done as well. It’s also great for removing the glue used to attach false lashes, lubricate earrings to put into your ear, and even to tame your eyebrows.

6. Take Off Your Makeup!
It’s common sense to wash your makeup off before you go to bed, right? Yet so many of us get too tired or lazy to do so. Skincare routines can get really complicated and who has time for that when they’re sleepy? If you want to keep your pores unclogged and your skin nice and clear, you need to make sure you wash your makeup off every night. In the long run, your skin will thank you. How often do you remember your grandma going to sleep with a face full of makeup? Probably not often.

5. Don’t Forget Your Sweater
Let’s flashback to the days when you were running late for school and you dashed out the door only for your mom to yell hat you forgot your sweater. It might seem annoying to have a sweater or cardigan on hand (and equally annoying when someone nags you), but when you’re out an about, it’s pretty smart to have one of those clothing items with you. Bring one that matches your outfit. When there’s a sudden drop in temperature or maybe the AC is on too high at the bar you went to, you’ll be thankful that you had it.

4. Embrace Your Natural Oils
Remembering to brush your hair every night not only ensures that you get less tangles in the morning but also it helps spread the natural oils on your scalp. Anyone who has looked up any hair care tips knows that your hair’s best defense is its own oils. Brushing from the shaft of your hair town to the end helps bring the oil throughout the strand, meaning you don’t need to bulk up on conditioner in the shower.

3. Freeze Your Perfume
How many of you had grandmas sthat stukc their perfume in the fridge? If you ever saw her do that, she wasn’t going senile, she’s onto something. While extreme temperatures can throw the balance of the perfume off, a little bit of chill is good for your perfume in that it will help the scent last longer when you put it on. This is especially good to try during summer or spring when the temperatures outside are high and maybe you don’t use too much AC during this time.

2. The Bullet Bra
You have to be a certain age to remember when bullet bras were a thing. While nowadays, a majority of women aren’t going for an extreme look, it was quite trendy back in the day. Those into more vintage 1940s and 1950s styles may still sport these brassieres. It was seens as a hyperbolic representation of femininity, the idea becoming popular in 1947 when the “hourglass” figure was the most popular. It’s not common fashion anymore and you probably won’t catch a lot of elderly women still wearing this stuff. However, if you attend lots of fashion events or music festivals, it’s still sort of prominent as an edgy touch to the outfit.


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