Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Trying the 10-Step Korean Contour Facial! (Beauty Trippin)

We’re back at the Tikkun Holistic Spa to try their NEW facial that combines 10 STEPS of Korean skincare into one!

The treatment uses a contouring facial massage, collagen mask, and even lymph node drainage for some CRAZY results. Lily’s face has never been cleaner (or more relaxed…)

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Korea doesn’t mess around when it comes to its 10-step beauty regimes & routines (I mean, who WOULDN’T want their perfect skin?!) You’ve seen us try the at-home version – today on Beauty Trippin, we learn from the PROFESSIONALS!!

Tikkun Spa has created the ultimate Korean Facial that uses all “10 steps” of K-Beauty in one intense treatment. First, makeup removal and cleansers – followed by an enzyme peel (#peelporn) and contour massage to DRAIN swollen lymphs. Then it’s finished with a toner, serum, and anti-aging face mask (which makes you look a little like a mummy, but whatevs) and some good ol’ SPF.

Cleansing, rejuvenating, and ohhhh so satisfying. Is THIS the Korean facial to end all Korean facials?! (We think YES.)

Stay tuned next week when Joslyn tries another signature Tikkun facial – trust us, it’s a Beauty Trippin redemption story you WON’T want to miss!!

Shout-out to Jackie (and her unintentional ASMR) and the Tikkun Spa for this experience!! ►►
Tikkun Spa http://www.tikkunspa.com
Tikkun Skincare http://tikkunmedical.com

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