June 20, 2021



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You need a put a little more effort to take care of that handsome skin of yours because in winters there is more dryness and your skin tend to look rough, dull and unhealthy BUT The Sophisticates will not let winters come between us and soft, radiant and healthy skin. So In this video I have explained the entire winter skincare routine that I follow myself. This time I also visited the local market myself so I would include those products that are easily available and accessible by almost everyone. Now we all know in Pakistan there is still a mindset that skincare is for women and men are too cool and macho to take care of their skin. However in the future when all your friends and colleagues will be looking 10 years older than you because they had the same mindset and did not take care of their skin then you will remember me and thank me.

Winter Skin Care Routine:

1. Use a FACEWASH twice a day
This helps in removing all the dirt and oil from your skin daily and helps in making your skin look fresh every time you use a face wash.

2. Use a SCRUB twice a week
This helps in removing that layer of dead skin from your face by the help of those exfoliating particles in the scrub. Do not over use the scrub and it will lead to skin irritation.

This helps in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy and prevent those dryness patches that you experience in winters on your skin. Now the reason many men do not use lotion and moisturizer is the fact that they feel too heavy and oily on the skin and for this reason all the products mentioned are quickly absorbed into skin and feel very light and matt.

4. Use LIP BALM for dry lips
Dry lips completely ruin your appearance because lips are one of the feature that people notice first and if they notice your dry lips your impression is half ruined. In my experience all drugstore chap sticks/lipbalms are useless and the only thing that actually work is the Vaseline.

5. Use SUNBLOCK outdoors
This does not only prevent tanning but also protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and exposure to these UV rays leads to wrinkles and skin loosening.

Products shown in the video:
1. Facewash

Dove Men Care Hydrate – https://www.saloni.pk/dove-men-care-face-wash-hydrat-150ml/

Garnier Acno Fight – https://www.saloni.pk/garnier-men-acno-fight-50ml-6-in-1-pimple-clearing-face-wash/

2. Scrub

St Ives Acne Control – https://www.saloni.pk/st-ives-acne-control-apricot-scrub-170-grams/

Garnier Apricot Scrub – https://www.saloni.pk/garnier-pure-active-apricot-exfoliating-scrub-100-grams/

3. Body Lotion

Vaseline Men’s Body Lotion – https://www.saloni.pk/vaseline-men-fast-absorbing-body-lotion/

4. Face Moisturizer

Nivea Men Crème – https://www.saloni.pk/nivea-men-cream/

5. Lip Balm

Vaseline Lip Balm – https://www.daraz.pk/vaseline-lip-care-total-moisture-24-hours-moisturizing-10gm-i100989277-s1246415126.html?spm=a2a0e.searchlistcategory.list.18.5f243cbe8Es9Fo&search=1

6. Sunblock

Eveline Sunblock – https://www.saloni.pk/eveline-whitening-sun-protection-face-cream-spf-50-50-ml/

Garnier Sunblock – https://www.saloni.pk/garnier-skin-natural-sakura-white-spf-60-sun-block-100ml/

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