June 17, 2021

Living Your Best As a Young Balding Man

Losing hair on the head of a young man otherwise known as balding is one horrible thing that can ever happen to him. As things are rapidly changing, it is normal to spot a young man in his 20s with a visible bald head unlike in the past where it usually began at late 30s. The first reflection of a balding head on a mirror is shocking disbelief followed by stress when friends and family confirm in the affirmative. But in as much as losing hair on the head at the early age is not a sweet choice, it is not the worst thing that can ever happen to someone. There are accidents, diseases, dismemberment and lots of awful things that can happen to one’s life and balding should never be counted as one of them. Here are five tips that will make you stand out and even become the envy of many.

Accept and Don’t Hide it

The day you wake up and notice that your hair is vanishing and you go ahead to confirm with family and friends, and you realize that there is nothing you can do about it, the first step is to accept it, and confidently so. Don’t hide and don’t rush to shave out to conceal the loss. However sick and helpless the feeling is, just understand that there is nothing you can do about it. Once you boldly and confidently accept it, other people will not see it a big deal. If you show the world that you are least bothered about it, the world will not bother you with unnecessary sympathies and few people will keep reminding you that you have got a bald head. The buck stops with your full acceptance; nobody will look so amazed at you because accepting and not hiding it will not give them the starting point to discuss your upcoming bald.

Be Bold and Confident About it

Once it is evident to you and the whole world that you are balding, don’t cringe inside yourself with self-pity and stress, always walk shoulders high, boldly and never be shy of the fact. Try and be positive about it and answer with a confident smile those inquisitive of your status versus age. Always find something positive to answer those negative questions from friends and mates, remember they are so many prominent and successful icons around us who are bald and once in a while refer to them when answering haters and jeerers. Even if you feel sorry for yourself at times, which is very typical, never walk around with a sad, forlorn look even at night.

Dress Stylishly and Smart

A shabbily dressed bald young man is not a sight to behold for real. If you can’t get a chance to step out with that fabulous hairstyle, then it is all prudent to let your cloth make a beautiful point of you. You do not have to wear expensive clothes to be smart but clean and well maintained and perfectly fitting ones will make you look smart. Whether office wear or casuals, always make sure you look good. If you are media personality or a politician and most of the time your public appearance matters, seek advice from you fashion specialist on what goes when. Being smart will not hide the fact that you are bald but will bring out the beauty of baldness.

Groom Your Face and Trim your Beard Nicely

For those lacking hair on the head but have plenty of beards, always have it nicely cut and clean. A clean well-trimmed beard is the first thing people will notice on your face. Clean your face thoroughly and if need be scrub off the dead skins to give you a fresh new look. If you have no beard, a perfectly cleaned face is a good one. Remember, all this grooming will not make you’re bald to disappear, but it brings out the beauty of baldness in a whole new way.

Be Good at What You do

Being good at what we do is the peak of our character but wait until a bald person does it, it looks so amazingly different and unique. Always be kind to people at school, in a game, in the office, in business, at home, everywhere just be nice. Speak boldly and eloquently, give people a firm handshake, with a smile and a look in the eye. Be good at the game you love, at your studies, to your family and friends. All this will not refute the fact that you are bald, but it will bring a whole new view that bald is utterly cute and awesome. It will even spark envy from both friends and foes.

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