November 16, 2018

ASMR All of ALOE 🎍 (Personal Skincare, Massage, Eating, Cutting)

00:00 preview
02:05 tapping with fresh aloe
05:08 tapping with frozen aloe
07:58 cutting fresh aloe
09:36 cutting frozen aloe
11:09 eating frozen aloe
16:28 eating peeled aloe
21:24 cutting peeled aloe
27:41 aloe mist (making, spraying, touching face with mist and cotton)
37:53 aloe moisture cream (stirring, making, applying, face massage)
56:19 honey aloe pack (stirring, making, applying, face massage)
01:03:01 aloe modeling pack (stirring, making, applying)

It’s sounds of skincare, tapping, massage, personal attention, stirring pack, eating and cutting with aloe! πŸ™‚ I made them for various sounds and satisfying also relaxing. I hope you like it! #ASMR #aloe #asmraloe #asmrskincare

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