November 26, 2018

♔ FORCED Ultimate Queen of Beauty ♔ & Desired Life + Attract Boyfriend Combo || Boosted Subliminal

♔ FORCED Ultimate Queen of Beauty ♔ & Desired Life + Attract Boyfriend Combo || Boosted Subliminal

-Beauty Combo-
Pose like a model
Catwalk perfectly
Perfect posture
Become a famous model
Get signed to a major agency
Photogenic and videogenic
Look young forever
Natural beauty queen
5 ft 9 tall
Charismatic personality
Get rid of eye bags and dark eye circles forever
Look good in all lighting
Perfect straight white teeth
Flawless face and skin
Korean glass skin
V-shape jawline
Get rid of any body in perfections
Longer and thicker eyelashes
Mesmerising purple eyes
Thigh gap
Bigger br east
Get back dimples (Venus dimples)
Remove unwanted facial and body hair
Hair and body smells like roses
Inner confidence
Be true to myself
24” waist or smaller
Quickly lose weight when sleeping
Pinky red lips
People notice my beauty
Look good in any clothes
Get genuine compliments
Get rid of my skin allergy of chlorine water (swimming pool water)
Healthy perfect voluminous hair
-Get a desire boyfriend-
Get a boyfriend and maintain the relationship
An unbreakable relationship and bond.
Find my soulmate
Boyfriend is rich, smart, handsome and caring
Boyfriend is romantic and supportive
Boyfriend spoils me with gifts
Boyfriend will propose when the time is right
All guys fall for me
Guys think I’m hot and sexy
Get any guy I desire
Seduce anyone with my eyes
Never be friend zone
Boys ask me out
Go on dates
Flirting goddess
Be the best kisser
Lips taste like sweet strawberries
Minty breath
Have many admirers
Be more desirable than other girls
Win the lottery
Become rich easily
Be healthy
Go on holidays
Have a successful business
Attract amazing opportunities
Successful desired career
-Sporty girl combo-
Become a sporty girl
Be the best player
Sweat smells like vanilla
Be competitive
Work well with teammates
Be talented in athletics
Look good when doing any sport
Natural leader
Unlimited stamina
Run supernaturally fast
Get feminine muscles
Be flexible fast
Perfect balance
Won’t feel pain when injured
Be good at football, basketball and all other sports.
Learn anything quickly
Improve sport performance without practicing
No hesitation or regret
Be a morning person
Be full of energy until bedtime
Fall asleep fast
Be a deep sleeper
Be productive
Eat healthy
Motivation of working out
Fast reaction time

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