November 28, 2018

BIG Problems with the Beauty Industry (and how to fix them)

Hey GlamFam! So this video was inspired by the MANY comments that I get about people’s negative experiences with cosmetology school, going to salons, or making money in this industry. Obviously I’m very passionate about the hair industry, so please understand that this comes from a place of love and care for this industry, not a place of hatred, malice, or trying to bash people.
I know some will take it that way, but I am speaking from all sides of the industry with experience on all sides and I honestly don’t think it’s right to charge someone THOUSANDS and leave them totally unprepared to excel in this industry.

For those who are looking to improve, I’ve asked for people to leave their experiences in the comments, so salon professionals and beauty schools alike can improve based on these criticisms, myself included. Without honesty from patrons, you never know how to improve.

If you have any additional points you feel like should be made, please feel free to leave those in the comment section as well.

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All background music was provided by the youtube creator studio audio library. This is hardly a ” hairstylist tells all ” video, as it’s not salon drama or client horror stories, this is just a major problem in the beauty industry. This video deals with the problems with cosmetology school as a whole, and how I feel like it can be improved and made better.

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