December 23, 2018

SKIN CARE DISCOVERY: Reviewing New & Affordable K-Beauty, J-Beauty, Taiwanese-Beauty

Since you beauties loved the first skincare review and have been asking for more drugstore options, we present you: new & budget-friendly skincare products from ASIA! 🎉 As a continuation of the review series, we’d like to start sharing new as well as up-and-coming brands we’ve been loving. Please let us know if there are any new products and brands you’ve been loving and that we should try out and review. 🙂

We’re featuring Peach Slices which is available at CVS, the best drugstore J-Beauty cleansers available on Amazon, a 2-hour Taiwanese face mask that’s so new it can currently only be found on eBay, and A Case Full of Seoul (K-Beauty) available at Costco & on Amazon.


🔹Peach Slices

🔹Claud Meiji App face mask

🔹Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

🔹Transino Clear Wash

🔹Case Full of Seoul
╰ 9 Wishes Rice foaming cleanser
╰ May Coop Raw Sauce toner
╰ May Coop Raw moisturizer
╰ Oneoseven Coreflex Essential Liquid
╰ Urang True rose repair serum
╰ Urang Vitamin oil serum
╰ TOV Wrinkle Free eye solution
╰ Touch in SOL primer
╰ I Woke Up Like This sunscreen
╰ I Woke Up Like This face mask

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