January 13, 2019

SKIN CARE – What To Expect in 2019

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SKIN CARE – What To Expect in 2019

Here is what I am going to cover in 2019, namely skin care products and the trending brands. This includes part 2 of The Ordinary Skin care, all the way to high end skin care and everything in between, including Drunk Elephant review.

If you are a laser or device company and would like me to test; not endorse your products, please email me on info@drdavinlim.com This email is a business email, and not a clinical question email address. Any questions regarding to skin rejuvenation, birthmarks- pigmentation removal as well as acne scar removal – please register on realself.com and post in the relevant section.

So, what is new for 2019?

1. Skin care products and tips. Not much that is proven science. Lots of marketing in the context of stem cells and growth factors in a jar- seriously think that cells can survive in a shelf while bathing in preservatives? The skin care industry’s continual marketing & hype and not much science will continue to convince people that the fountain of youth can be applied in a cream. It is refreshing to see new products such as Dr Sam Buntings cleanser and moisturiser do so well. I would be politically wrong in saying it’s made by dermatologist for dermatologists, but correct in saying it’s made for people who give a SH#T about their skin. No-this is not a sponsored comment. I just think she has nice glutes.

2. DIY or at home devices from hair removal, LED masks for wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, acne, and acne scarring will be on the increase, making it ever more confusing for patients to ascertain the real results, vs. marketing. Micro-current devices are on the increase, Nuface being the most well known. Many companies have declined a non-sponsored review based on science, but are jumping at the chance of take up the offer of a sponsored review based upon script with relatively big money thrown my way. Take it as you interpret it, as this channel is never sponsored and will remain so.

3. New anti-ageing devices will be trialled. RF devices that have robust studies and science behind them. From hybrid lasers to energy devices, the patient market dictates that treatments with little or no downtime is the trend. This is a difficult segment to assess what actually works- and I am not talking about microneedling PRP which is hit and miss treatment. I will be trial some devices that are relatively new – 12 to 16 months old. Last year’s trial of an insulated RF device was a waste of time- I’m not going to name the company out of professional courtesy. New non-laser treatments are emerging such as Tixel; the question begs, can I achieve the same, if not better results with bespoke low density CO2 laser? Someone should invent a Co2 laser combined with a high density adjustable 1927 – hybrid lasers that can be infinitely adjustable. My wish list is that density can be controlled from 1 to 100%, across two wavelengths with a power of at least 70 watts- real power RMS, not PMPO.

4. New off label methods in bespoke concentrations have re-engineered the way we use fillers for acne scarring and skin rejuvenation. The use of bespoke concentrations have robust subjective and objective trials behind them- namely the use of Sculptra and Radiesse in titrated volumes. Jawline rejuvenation will hit an all-time high in 2019, as will chest and décolletage rejuvenation with Juvederm Volite and other dermal fillers. Nano fat transplant was exciting, but proved to be less predictable than fillers, with higher risks on vascular occlusion.

Stay tuned. If you want more content than what is on YouTube – find me on the gram. @drdavinlim If not, stay tuned for more videos. Regards,
Dr Davin Lim.
Brisbane, Australia.
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