January 20, 2019

From Bad Luck to Beauty: 10 Cool Beauty Hacks

Do you feel like upgrading your makeup routine? You came to the right place!
Prolong the life of your cosmetics with these simple DIY beauty hacks. Learn how to use almonds as eyeshadow, customize your lip balm into a stylish pendant and hide those awful pimples.
Beauty tips – here we come!

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00:04 Prepared MakeUp Wipes
01:01 Lip Balm Pendant
02:10 Dual Lipstick
03:13 Almond Eyeshadow
04:17 Eyeshadow Hack
05:17 Prolong Your MakeUp
07:39 No More Dirty Sponges
09:16 Hide That Pimple!
10:21 Craft Wire Curls

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