January 29, 2019

#139 | Guest YouTuber Law, Stone Raid, MAGA Kid Interview on Today | Beauty & the Beta

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Interview starts at 1:07:22
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Baba O’Riley remix: https://youtu.be/cPp19D38Djo
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“Dog Park” and “Odahviing” written and performed by AENEAS: http://bit.ly/2sibPZ7

Items Referenced:
Harris running http://bit.ly/2U9Bf4O
Gillibrand fires up the crowd on MLK day: http://bit.ly/2DzfcPT
Hillary may run: https://nydn.us/2DDv2Ja
Martin Luther C**n guy original misspeak: https://youtu.be/ty-2ZH9oznI
Now he’s off the air: http://bit.ly/2DDkU36
Fox says RBG is dead: http://bit.ly/2DDoo5y
Transgender military ban goes forward: https://cnn.it/2DueHX5
Trump reopens government for 3 weeks to negotiate wall: https://nyti.ms/2DAXBXt
Stone arrest and indictment: https://wapo.st/2TitnxZ
CNN on scene at Roger Stone’s house: http://bit.ly/2FX5UhU
Covington Diocese apologizes for jumping to condemn the kids too quickly: http://bit.ly/2DDR3aJ
Sandmann’s family hires L. Lin Wood: https://nyp.st/2DAVC5t
Robert Barnes also representing: http://bit.ly/2DCs6MY
Nick sandmann interview on Today: https://youtu.be/c8ZhDGaQMS4
Nathan Phillips interview on Today: https://youtu.be/h-9-qmN0Hmw
Phillips claiming to be a Vietnam vet: http://bit.ly/2UfdF6G
Claimed to be a ‘recon ranger,’ bunk: https://youtu.be/CIXIzvyAlLA
AOC says apocalypse in T-minus 12 years: https://youtu.be/SI-rhPkUag0
AOC on whether billionaires are moral: https://youtu.be/J8ow8dplu7E
Transgender person freaks out at Alamo: http://bit.ly/2DvSVSH
Surprise cringe, Martina Big on ITV: https://youtu.be/urrXtXxGz6g
More details on Martina Big: http://bit.ly/2DExz61

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