Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Beauty Lighting 101 | 3 Commercial Lighting Techniques

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When shooting beauty commercials you will have to light a variety of different skin tones and utilize a variety of different styles. By learning the fundamentals of beauty lighting, you’ll be able to create flattering light on anyone’s face. Director and DP Valentina Vee shows us how to light for beauty for 3 different styles and skin tones.

Lighting for beauty commercials encapsulates a variety of different scenarios, and the key is to match the style of your visuals to the desires of the client. You can create everything from creating a bright, high-key look to highlight skin tones, to a cinematic, low-key style, that accentuates your talent’s features. Beauty lighting can require intricate lighting designs, allowing you to express your inner creativity, while also giving you the opportunity to please your clients.

In this video, Valentina discusses the importance of soft light and tailoring your style to your client’s needs, while also acknowledging, that you can still achieve beautifully cinematic results without soft light. The commercial look requires the softest, and brightest lighting design, while the 80s vintage look utilizes a warmer, hazier quality. Lastly, the avant-garde look throws caution to the wind and incorporates hard light, slashes, and intense color contrast to create cinematic imagery.

By mastering beauty lighting you’ll be able to create stunning portraits and commercials, that highlight both the talent’s and the client’s desired features. These techniques don’t only apply to commercial cinematography, but also grant you the ability to light faces of any kind. The skills learned from beauty lighting are linked to being able to tailor the look and style of the lighting to the needs of the story.

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