March 26, 2019

A hot Summer Day Skin Care || mCaffeine Review

A hot, tiring and sweaty summer day – translates to one thing in a blogger’s mind – let’s freshen up in style!

So in this video, I am testing out the mCaffeine coffee moment gift kit for the very first time and taking you through my personal experience.

My observations:
1. This feels so raw and pure on the skin! The scrubs especially make with it tiny gritty flakes can make your skin feel so scrubbed and clean!
2. Great for the sweaty summer months when your skin craves for some TLC that can remove the sweat and dead cells away.
3. Ingredients in each of the products are very well designed. Really good for skin care.
4. It’s rough, but not harsh. Gives you a natural – exotic spa-like feel.

Get the products here:
Website Link:

Coffee Range:
Naked & Raw Coffee Range

Coffee Body Scrub:
Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut, SLS and Paraben Free, 100gm

Coffee Face wash:
Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash with White Water Lily, SLS & Paraben Free, 100ml

Coffee Face Scrub:
Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub with Vitamin E, SLS and Paraben Free, 100gm

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* Disclaimer got some queries whether the video is in some form of association with the brand etc. Guys, it is, I am still sharing my experiences as it is on camera like you can see. You can see the size if the granules, the color and the sound while using it. You can see the skin and how it looks while scrubbing and while washing and later. The results are all there and you can literally see the tra sformation yourself. Hope it clarifies your doubts. The review shared is as true to my opinion as possible with live demo and results.

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