October 7, 2018

Aesop (brand)

AESOP in Emporium Melbourne, Australia
AESOP in Hibiya Chanter, Tokyo, Japan

Aēsop is an Australian skin care brand owned by Brazilian company Natura. In addition to skincare, Aesop also produces hair care, soaps and fragrance,[2] a total of over 80 hair, skin and body care formulations.[3] Each Aesop store has a unique interior design developed in collaboration with various architects, interior designers and artists. As of 2017, the brand had over 183 points of sale across 50 countries.[4][5] Aesop produces 83 product formulations and three shaving accessories.[6] Each Aesop store is unique.[7] The brand can be found in its own ‘signature spaces’ (concept stores) and department stores such as David Jones[8][9] and online.


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The brand has been noted for following a modern approach to prestige branding. This includes not using traditional advertisements or discount sales to promote its products but rather getting noticed and talked about for the design of its products, stores, events and communications which are a singular mix of indulgent product experiences, thoughtful language and modern minimalist design.[10][11]


Aesop was founded by hairdresser[12] Dennis Paphitis[13] in 1987 in Melbourne.[9][14] Suzanne Santos, whose current job title is Product Advocate,[3] was instrumental in the founding and growth of the company.[5] She was Paphitis’s first employee.[6]

In 2010 Harbert Australia Private Equity bought a minority stake in the company; Aesop used the capital injection to fund growth.[15] In December 2012, Aesop sold a 65% stake in its business to Brazilian direct-sales cosmetics company Natura Cosméticos for US$71.6 million[16] (approximately AUD $68 million).[17] Natura took total ownership in December 2016.[6] In September 2018, Aesop launched a luxe homewares product.[18]

Points of sale[edit]

It has over 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway and the UK.[19][20] In the US, it is also available at Barneys New York,[21] Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Its largest store is its 1,085 sq ft space in the Broadway Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles where the walls are lined with reclaimed cardboard tubing from fabric rolls discarded by the nearby fashion district.[7] Other elements of the store’s interior are made entirely from recycled paper.[7]


Michael O’Keeffe has been CEO of Aesop since 2003.[6] Aesop’s Creative Director is Marsha Meredith.[22]

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