October 14, 2018

SKIN CARE | Dermatologist review on The Ordinary

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Skin Care Made Simple | Dermatologist review on The Ordinary

The best skin care is simple, effective and most importantly cost effective. Marketing tries, and often succeeds in converting the patient, note the use of the word patient, rather than the consumer or customer, to incorporate a 10 step Korean style skin care routine. This entails the often expensive and time consuming regime of a facial wash, scrub, exfoliating agent, toner, the double clearer, face cream with Vitamin C in the morning, followed by sunscreen, ,Vitamin B and A at night, night serum, eye serum, texture correcting serum, pigment reduction serum, growth factors, – only to be repeated the next day. If you like this routine and is effective for you, read no further.

Good dermatologist including my Colleagues Dr Dray and Dr Sam Bunting will always simplify skin care, and address the science of ageing. The Ordinary is the brainchild of one single individual who is not a dermatologist, but has distilled the marketing and relied on producing affordable skin care products for the mass consumer. Like every other skin care company, some products are excellent whilst some are not.

Skin care should be BESPOKE, meaning ideally one should mix products to suit your skin type. I personally use Dr Buntings Cleanser, coupled with The Ordinary Moisturiser with HA or Vitamin C, depending on the season. I use LRP sunscreen, and a retinoid 2-3 times a week. That’s my skin care. Simple, effective, and bespoke- I cannot give you the exact skin care routine for your skin type, but can guide you according to science.

The Ordinary has one unique selling point, and that is their price point. For 3 cups of coffee one can afford a good moisturiser, for another $8-$10 dollars, a vitamin A cream can be added. Most skin care companies spend on advertising, whilst The Ordinary, even with its name, relies on word of mouth. Bottom line- they pass the saving on to the patient- meaning more affordable products without the marketing. Skin care is over hyped – full stop. It will not reverse ageing, nor will it add volume, nor markedly improve your wrinkle. Good skin care can PREVENT photo ageing, reduce inflammation, outbreaks, rosacea, skin irritation and oily skin. The Ordinary realises this, and uses simple actives without the ‘add ons’. This in turn saves the company production costs, and passes this to the consumer. The downside? Some of their formulations are not as cosmetically elegant than more expensive brands. Will demonstrate in other videos.

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Regards, Dr Davin Lim, Laser and procedural dermatologist. Brisbane, Australia.

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